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TX SX Pro help and support

Information about Switch custom firmware etc

Updated on 27/11 2018-11

  • On iPatched Switch consoles nothing works today. In december 2018 TX will have solution for those units. Thats been a problem for a little while now, and there is guide on tx forums, telling you what serial numbers are good.
  • TX SX OS is still better than other free alternatives!
  • It is  the only one with XCI cartridge loading and the only one with emunand - allowing you to have sysnand for original online usage, also a different version, right now people are using 6.2 for online/original and emunand for 6.1 until there is update.
  • SX OS has also cheat codes for games.
  • Nothing is fully released yet today for v6.2.0
  • SX OS update should be out sometime this week for 6.2
  • You can have sysnand on 6.2 and SX OS emunand on 6.1 (if you setup emunand) before updating to 6.2, but sleep mode is broken when in custom firmware, you have to reboot when waking up.
  • Atompherse released on 27/11 2018 have a parital 6.2.0 cfw, but you need to supply your own keys. (te 6.2.0 has a new one).
  • You can also downgrade from 6.2 by using some tools and cable connected to your pc, but not easy progress...
  • Things are changing fast, this info is corrcect TODAY, updates are comming often from both sides,



TX SX Pro - Nintendo Switch

TX SX Pro tech help

License code - the license is integrated in the SX Pro USB dongle. No need of entering any license.  It will work only on one Switch console (if you want to use it on more consoles you will need only to buy another licenses, codes only).


Is my dongle deffective ?

The deffective rate on Xecuter SX Pro is ~0.1%, 9 times out of 10 it's some mistake from the user side...

Please check TX support forums and installation guides:


Common problems:

Overheating - If your SX Pro dongle seems to overheat, the correct test is to leave the dongle for at least 1 minute unplugged from anything. Use the SUPPLIED micro USB cable to then plug into pc USB port and wait 10 sec. If there is no green led then try unplug and replug USB quickly and see if led lights up. If no led then we will have to replace your unit.

Please note you must not use another USB cable as a low quality or long cable can cause a microprocessor crash which will in fact cause overheating. 


With autoRCM it will appear the console is not turning on unless you have the SX Pro dongle inserted. 

If  you have it in and its still not working, then it is either that the sx pro battery is empty (charge via microUSB port on sx pro) or that the Switch battery is empty (charge using Switch charger).

The dongle will take ~10-12 seconds max. to charge. The light on the dongle will be green once its charged.

With  autoRCM  if  the  dongle is not charged, you MUST charge the dongle first, else you cannot boot your switch. But it is important your switch battery is not empty as well, of course.


If you get black screen, and the light turns green on the dongle, it is most likely a user mistake when installing. It can be several reasons, hard to guess.


How to use SX Pro:

  1. The console must be fully charged and have the jig in the right rail.
  2. Have latesr boot.dat on root of sd card and inserted to console.
  3. Insert dongle and boot console, turn console off then insert jig and turn console on and keep vol + held down to boot into sx menu.


  1. Install autorcm (this puts console into auto recover on each boot so jig is no longer required, only usb dongle).
  2. Install sx cfw this will place license request.dat on sd card and have wifi enabled.
  3. When console boots enter the album and press r button to enter license section to activate license over wifi.
  4. If you dont have wifi copy license request.dat to a pc and visit sx website and manually activate by uploading the license request.dat and it will give you the license file, copy this to root of sd card and it should be activated.


Is console warranty void after using SX Pro/OS?

Probably yes... there are logs in the consoles so it can be detected by official service staff. Currently there is way to clear it using other payloads, it's on request list to add it into sx os. BUT even without that, they it 's probable that it can be detected when in rcm mode.



If you have SX Pro do not try to injecting and booting connected to pc. The SX Pro dongle has the payload.

The payload option is for users without the dongle. If you are trying injecting payload then you can caused damage because the payload is already installed to the dongle.
If really nothing helps the SX Pro may be deffective, even if it's very unlikely, we will exchange it during the warranty. In that case contact us, start by sending us your order nr, problem description and the license-request.dat file.


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