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Kategori           » XBOX 360  / Reservdelar och verktyg  / Kylning  / RROD reparation
Märke           » XBR

Xbox 360 RROD Uniclamp reparationskit Xtreme III

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ArtID: xbrukx
Vikt: ~ 0.14kg

Xbox 360 RROD Uniclamp reparationskit Xtreme III

The best, most powerfull cooling sollution to prevent RROD on the market! Drill-free.

Product Details:

  • 1 Bag of precision screws and washers
  • 1 extra hardened stainless steel uniclamp plate with 2 large eXtreme cooling pads
  • Stars 900 1g Thermal Compound
  • 4 x thermal RAM pads
  • 2 x 1mm thermal pads for GPU heatsink
  • 1 GPU shim and 1 CPU shim

    Bonus items included in this kit:
  • 4 DVD drive pads
  • 1 DVD drive belt
  • Complete southbridge clamp fix
  • Sandpaper for metal chassis standoff

    For the first time ever, victims of a fallen XBOX 360 are able to fix, upgrade and mod their XBOX all at the same time with this extreme uniclamp mod kit.

    This is the best X-clamp replacement method to date, and the only uniclamp kit worldwide that does not require drilling.

    The uniclamp prevents flex and stress that ultimately leads to failure. The strong stainless steel plate fits inside the case, under the motherboard, without drilling.

    All at once, you can install the pre-assembled clamp and cooling pads to easily eliminate 3 red light errors, and drop your temps by up to 6C. That is the same as adding a 12V fan mod, but with no added noise or effort!

    Our set of 4 RAM pads keeps your RAM cool under the most demanding graphics, and each is 25% thicker for better conformance, and heat reduction. The added pressure will be effective in curing more RAM errors than other market alternatives.

    The set of cooper heatsinks can be used on the ANA chip to fix prevent E74, or to cool a number of other chips as desired. The CPU and GPU foam shims help equalize pressure on the chips for added effectiveness.

    All together, our uniclamp eXtreme III kit is the most complete available, providing unparalleled cooling and effectiveness to keep your XBOX at its best for years to come.

    Benefits of the Uniclamp Kit xXtreme III:
  • This aircraft-grade aluminum uniclamp is the strongest. It will not bend or flex.
  • eXtreme-III Thermal Pads drop core temps 6C or more with no extra noise! Gives you performance equivalent to an after-market fan.
  • Drill-free version installs in less than an hour for most users!
  • Expertly designed, and tested to be fast, and effective by collecting feedback from hundreds of customers to make the best kit yet.

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